Our mysterious neighbor

It’s just 90 miles south of Florida, yet Cuba remains a mystery to most Americans.  Cuba is known for its music, flavors, old cars, and its political struggles.

100% literacy rate

Cuba is fraught with poverty and scarcity, but also has its triumphs. One of their proudest accomplishments is having a 100% literacy rate. School is free for everyone from kindergarten to college, but due to the embargo and struggles of a slowly developing country, school supplies are scarce.

School supplies & park cleanup

Our small group of do-gooders will be providing backpacks filled with school supplies for 250 children in Havana. Each pack will have pencils, pens, ruler, pencil sharpener, composition book, folder, construction paper and other school supplies as well as a special fun gift.

In conjunction with local residents and the children of Havana, we will also be participating in a park clean up of Havana’s beautiful but sadly littered national forest.

You can help

Your donations will go towards buying the supplies, backpacks and the luggage fees to carry the items down.  We have already received a tremendous amount of support through in kind donations and we want to make sure that every child has everything they need to become the next world leader and be the change that Cuba so desperately needs.


Our next trip is scheduled Memorial Day Weekend, May 26th – May 28th, 2018. We are raising money to cover transportation costs, luggage fees, travel visas and remaining supplies. You can donate here on GoFundMe.

You can also purchase school supplies directly from this Amazon link.

And….you can also COME with us. If your passport is valid and you have the time and inclination, join a small band of givers who also know how to have fun in Havana! Contact Miriam (aka: The Moonbat) at  561-674-2060.

3 ways you can help!

3 ways you can help!


Fund remaining supplies & transportation costs


Purchase school supplies from our Amazon list

Join Us

Join us for the weekend and/or follow our efforts

50 families received food and supplies after Hurricane Maria

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