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How to legally travel to Cuba

October 29th will mark 55 years of the US embargo on Cuba. This failed policy intended to bring political change to the island has also left American's unable to enjoy this Caribbean gem. Just two years ago baby steps were made towards normalizing relations with Cuba....

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‘Tis the Season

While Cuba may not experience a snow filled wonderland, winter has arrived bringing with it the best season to visit. Temperatures are cooling off and the skies offer an endless sea of blue, with nary a cloud to be seen. Yes, season in Havana has arrived. Unlike many...

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Letter to the Editor Miami Herald.

After reading this uninformed dribble of an op-ed piece my latest return from Cuba, I was moved to send a letter to the editor. Sadly I had to limit it to 200 words but here is the full version: Letter to the Editor Miami Hearld Re: If you had a “great time” in Cuba,...

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